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Interview with Chuck's Vik Sahay Print
Written by Steve Angell   
Nov 17, 2009 at 04:03 AM
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Interview with Chuck's Vik Sahay
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Vik Sahay

Vik Sahay stars as Lester, one of the Nerd Herders in the popular NBC dramedy Chuck. Vik has also starred in the film The Rocker, and appeared on the TV shows Las Vegas and Without a Trace. You can see more of Vik in Season 3 of Chuck when it returns in early 2010.

TH: Will we ever see a real-life showdown between Chuck's Nerd Herd and Best Buy's Geek Squad?

VS: That is, obviously, the most important question you could have asked. I have been calling for that showdown since day one, but I think they're afraid, they're nervous, and so are all of us. We have two factions that are both afraid, so I can't see that happening.

TH: Maybe something like out of West Side Story or something?

VS: Yeah. I don't know why it has to be all singing and dancing. Why can't it just be ugly, but sure we'll go with that.

TH: Speaking of singing, in your opinion what is it about the band Jeffster that seems to captivate fans of the show?

VS: I think it's just such an absolute freak show watching these two bizarro characters get up and rock star a little bit that it's like watching a train wreck. So I think there's that fascination factor. I also think that rock stardom is every kid's fantasy. So maybe on some level people are also, to a certain degree (hopefully not for Lester), living vicariously through the characters.

TH: Do you think that there might be a new addition to the band sometime in the future?

VS: Why do you say that? Who do you suggest?

TH: Maybe Anna on keyboards?

VS: Weird, it's almost like you're saying we're not enough. That's what I'm getting from that question.

TH: Just saying that you need some sex appeal for the guys, too.

VS: I think that I appeal to both. (laughs)

TH: Do you consider yourself to be tech savvy in real-life, or is your alarm clock currently flashing 12:00?

VS: No, I am absolutely not tech savvy. When I first got the part of Lester, because I like to research the character, I was like "Do I go into the tech world and learn about that? Or do I research about his jackassedness?" And I chose to pick the latter.

TH: You've mentioned in past interviews that the cast of Chuck has a really good chemistry both on set and off. Do you guys ever pull pranks on each other?

VS: Not so much pranks, no. The alchemy of the cast is incredible so I think that pulling pranks would almost be overkill. The fact that we can barely get through scenes because of our corpsing and laughing is enough of a prank on the producers who are just trying to get through the day.

TH: So they're all just pulling their hair out in the meantime?

VS: Yeah, they're like "My God, can we get through this?"

TH: I hear that Angie Harmon, Steve Austin, and Armand Assante are all supposed to guest star in Season 3. Are there any others you can tell us about, and which one were you most excited to work with?

VS: Let's see who can I tell you about. These topics are real dangerous territory because we have real strict orders not to reveal too much. But who else is out there; Kristin Kreuk is in an episode, and that was a lot of fun. She's a fellow Canadian and we got to talk about that for the five minutes that I saw her.

Tony Hale is in this season, which is always a great thing because oftentimes the guest stars are in the spy world and I don't get a lot of interaction with them, but with Tony, and a little bit with Kristin, I got to bounce off them as it were.

TH: With you and Kristin both being from Canada that brings up another question: is Canadian beer really better than American?

VS: It's much stronger and therefore better. It's more potent and therefore you can drink less of it and get to where you want to go.

TH: So how about compared to German beer?

VS: I think that's a fair war. Is that the right word to use when talking about anything German?

TH: I think it's okay now.

VS: Okay, it's finally okay. Yeah, I think German beer maybe comes out on top and Canadian beer is a close second.

TH: Now of the many roles that you've had, and aside from portraying Lester in Chuck, which one have you enjoyed the most?

VS: That's a tough question. I've been lucky because I've been able to work in a lot of different genres. The thing I did right before Chuck was a movie called Amal that was pretty spectacular for a number of reasons. One of them was just being able to go over to India to shoot for three months. So that was amazing, the character was amazing, and I got to work with Indian actors who were geniuses. For the acting nerd in me it was just a massive learning experience so I think I would put that up somewhere near the top.

And I got to do this series called This Is Wonderland in Canada that was written by a Canadian playwright, George F. Walker, and it was similar to Chuck in that it was a dramedy. The writing on it was just so dense and thick and brilliant that that was quite an honor, too.

TH: You recently presented at the Genie Awards, which Dave Foley hosted. Were you a fan of his prior to that?

VS: Oh man, Kids in the Hall that's sort of the benchmark.

TH: And NewsRadio was pretty good, too.

VS: It was okay. Yeah, it was actually quite spectacular.

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