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Interview with comedian Jim Florentine Print
Written by Simon Thorn   
Feb 24, 2007 at 11:08 PM

Perhaps best known for providing the voice of Special Ed and other characters on Crank Yankers, Jim Florentine is without a doubt one hilarious comedian. Whether it be his roasting of telemarketers, or zany prank calls, his style is practically guaranteed to make even the crankiest of people smile.

You can see his full tour schedule and purchase his hilarious DVDs and CDs at his website JimFlorentine.com Also, tune into MTV2 every Friday night at 10PM ET to catch new episodes of Crank Yankers.

Q: Can you give us some scoop on your new Comedy Central show "Meet the Creeps"?

JF: We shot a pilot for the network and are waiting to see if they will pick it up. In the meantime, they will be showing some of our bits late night on comedy central starting in March. It's hardcore hidden camera with no happy endings.

Q: We here at Wicked Info consider you the "Michael Jordan" of crank calls. How are you able to deliver such hilarious and zany material while not bursting out with laughter?

JF: I'm not really that talented in anything but fucking with people and not breaking character, I'm a master at that. I guess I learned not laughing by lying to my girlfriends all these years.

Q: Has there ever been a prank you decided not to do because you felt it was too cruel?

JF: No never. Cruel is funny. At the end of the day it's just a prank. Nobody gets hurt.

Q: You're a huge fan of hard rock and metal. What would be the top songs on the "Jim Florentine Presents: The Best of Hard Rock"?

JF: Anything by Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Motorhead, Slipknot, Buckcherry, Danko Jones.

Q: You've actually had the police show up at your home when some of the "victims" of your most extreme calls traced your number. How were you able to smooth talk your way out of trouble with the authorities?

JF: My girlfriend flashed her tits and they let me off. Ha.

Q: It has been said "If you can look into the mirror without laughter, you have no sense of humor." When you look in the mirror, what are your first thoughts?

JF: That I look like the kid from the movie "Mask," Rocky Dennis.

Q: On your CD "Terrorizing Telemarketers," you turn the tables on perhaps America's least favorite profession. Has there ever been a sales person that endured so much of your harassing that you actually felt some empathy and bought their product?

JF: No, usually what they are selling is shit anyway. Let them scam someone else.

Q: You're a co-host of the Sirius radio show "Miserable Men." Satellite radio has allowed artists like you and Howard Stern freedom from the moral trappings of the FCC. Why do you think that this commission feels the need to tell adults what they are allowed to hear?

JF: It all comes down to showing the Religious freaks and Soccer Moms out there that they are doing something to protect their children. Parents don't want to watch their kids, they're too busy working two jobs to pay off their expensive shit they bought to impress their neighbors. So they blame Howard Stern for their kid getting in trouble. My mom stayed home and watched us kids and made sure we were raised right. We didn't have the newest car like everyone else in the neighborhood, but it didn't matter.

Q: Crank Yankers is back for a new season this February. Where else can your fans catch your work in 2007?

JF: I'll be on tour the whole year doing stand up and Meet The Creeps should be on by the end of the year also.

Q: Let's end with word association. We say wombat and you say...

JF: Yaay!

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