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Interview with Frangela of VH1's "Best Week Ever" Print
Written by Simon Thorn   
Jun 25, 2007 at 12:00 AM

What do you get when you combine a comedic pairing that have combinable names? The hilarious duo known as Frangela of course. Frangela is comprised of Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton, both of whom appear regularly on VH1's show "Best Week Ever" as Frangela, and wrote and starred in the award winning animated show "Hey Monie!"

Along with her appearances on Best Week Ever, Angela has also appeared in numerous television shows and has a part in the soon to be released film Strange Wilderness.

Frances has had roles in the shows My Name Is Earl, According To Jim, Hannah Montana, among many others. To learn more about this hilarious comedic duo you can visit their website at Frangela.com.

Q: The staff here at WickedInfo are huge "Best Week Ever" junkies. If we have one complaint, it's that we want more "Frangela" per episode! Any plans for you two to have your own show on VH1?

Frangela: We think it's imperative that intelligent and discerning viewers like you make your feelings known to VH1. We love the job -it's the bestest job in the world - we get to complain to each other and get paid! But, being lovers of democracy, we cannot continue to ignore the burgeoning grass roots movement to get us our own show on VH1 - it would be unpatriotic. Right now, we don't know of any plans to give us our own show, but we are often the last to know what's going on in our own lives, so it could be in the works - it would help if you had ten thousand or so people call/email and ask though.

Q: Despite this being 2007, the entertainment industry still hasn't rewarded black entertainers with as many opportunities as they rightly deserve. Ladies how has your African American heritage been a blessing and a challenge in your careers?

Frangela: Some of our favorite things about being black are: the food is better, we get to say "don't blame me you know we aren't in charge" when we go to foreign lands that aren't so fond of America, and we get to express attitude more freely it seems than other women - plus knowing that we're responsible for Japanese rap stars, well that makes us proud.

I think that it would be hard to argue that being black in America puts you at a career advantage in almost any industry across the board. Being a black actor means that there are less parts for you and the majority of the parts that are available tend to require a very narrow range of performance ability; i.e. can you roll your neck and say girl at the same time. That's one of the reasons that a show like "Grey's Anatomy" is so amazing, it has all these actors of different ethnicities and it doesn't portray them as being all the same. As writers we've found that often people will read our ethnicity into our work, when it isn't there, just because they know we are black. For example, we submitted a bunch of sketch comedy samples to an agent once and he said he thought that there were the funniest things he'd read in ten years, but did we have any that weren't about race - and in fact only one scene had any reference to race/ethnicity - he simply read them that way.

Q: Angela, you originally hail from Detroit, MI. Is it true that Michigan has two seasons: Winter and Construction?

Angela: It's true, yet, one cannot speak of Michigan without talking about our lovely fall foliage, seriously, it's amazing. People literally weep all of September from the sheer beauty, it causes traffic accidents.

Q: Frances, you're a Chicago native. If you were to give us a tour of your home town, what three stops would you consider "must sees"?

Frances: The Green Mill, Giordonna's Pizza, The Music Box - if it's still there, and Millennium Park.

Q: Angela, if love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Angela: Frances always says: "There are some shoes, some outfits that are only meant to be worn from the bathroom to the bed."

Q: Frances, what's your theory on why they put Braille on the number pads of drive-through bank machines?

Frances: I think it's too remind us all how ignorant we are to other languages - it's just the banking industry's silent protest against the woeful lack of language instruction in public education.

Q: Angela, what would be some trivia about yourself that your fans would be shocked to know?

Angela: I've never had a pedicure - I do my own nails on my hands and my feet . . . and I can put my legs behind my head-but I think I did that on Best Week Ever once.

Q: Frances, what people would you list as most inspirational to you?

Frances: Angela (she's typing this), my mother, Angela's mother, Oprah - duh, Tina Turner, and of course the Wiggles - for they hold some sort of magical power over my baby, I am in awe of them.

Q: Where can we catch more of you ladies in 2007?

Frangela: We seem to be doing a lot of pop culture punditry if you will on CNN, Headline News, MSN, Dateline, Red Eye, The Big Story with John Gibson, the Mike and Juliet morning show, and most recently NPR - and we're sure we'll be doing a lot more. Possibly also on the radio, and for sure more on the internet . . .as soon as we get this cord we need.

Q: We end every interview with word association. We say wombat and you say.......

Angela: Combat. Frances: Bird. And since we smush everything together we would say birdcombat - that's right, beak to beak people, if you can handle it.

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