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Home arrow Bands/Musicians arrow Interviews arrow Interview with Guns N' Roses keyboardist Chris Pitman
Interview with Guns N' Roses keyboardist Chris Pitman Print
Written by Steve Sun-Angell   
Nov 21, 2008 at 08:24 PM

Chris Pitman has lent his keyboard skill as a member of Guns N' Roses over the past decade. He also shares writing and producing credits on various songs through their new album, Chinese Democracy. Before Guns N' Roses, Chris also toured with Tool and founded the band Lusk. Along with celebrating the release of Guns N' Roses' new album, Chris also released the self-titled album of his other band (SexTapes) earlier this month.

You can purchase the SexTapes album through Best Buy, Target, iTunes, and everywhere good music is sold; including their website - SexTapesBand.com, where you can purchase a limited edition package.

Q: How did the formation of your band SexTapes come about, and how big of an influence was Paris Hilton in the naming of the band?

CP: Friends in Hollywood getting together ‘cause we were interested in making a commentary on the current state of popular music. The only way to truly comment on anything is to be productive and make something, not just put together weightless words or criticisms. That is the way of the non-productive, and the weak. There is nothing to defend there. But, a loud mouth, with a jaded and negative view of the world, is usually exalted by the Idiocracy of Dunces.

I've never stayed at the Paris Hilton.

Q: After fans get past their hesitation of asking their local music store clerk if they have SexTapes for sale, what can fans expect to hear on the bands debut album?

CP: A music of a unique kind, mixed within the same common language they've heard all their lives. Rock n' Roll is a simple language of 25 words or less, and we have managed to regurgitate it again in a unique sequence.

Q: What comes easier for you, writing lyrics or writing music?

CP: Neither are particularly easy, or enjoyable to figure out. It is a lot of work and it can take thousands of hours to make something right. But when accomplished, that is the reward.

Q: You share writing credits on "If The World," the new Guns N' Roses song that premiered in the credits of Body of Lies; what was the inspiration behind the lyrics of the song?

CP: It's about Environmental Decay in its Futurist Context.

Q: What has been your proudest accomplishment as a recording artist?

CP: It's always about the last piece that you've finished. Everything that you've ever done has led up to your latest work. Your whole life is wrapped up within it, and this is the current state in your journey.

Q: Who were your musical influences growing up, and are there any artists that continue to influence you?

CP: I go to therapy to try to shake off any influences. That is the damnation of man, and of all artists; being an automaton/parrot. Just listen to what it does on the fake radio/billboard/corporateCancer.org

Q: Which Guns N' Roses songs do you enjoy performing the most?

CP: The improvised jams in-between songs, because they can only be performed once.

Q: Which do you enjoy most, the beginning of a concert or the end?

CP: The audience determines which is enjoyed the most. It's their show, not ours.

Q: Besides your last name only having one T in it, what else would fans be surprised to learn about you?

CP: That I've bowled a 298 game.

Q: We end all of our interviews with word association, so I say wombat and you say...

CP: 7-10 split.

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