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Yellow Thunder Woman Interview Print
Written by Simon Thorn   
Feb 01, 2007 at 11:25 PM

It is rare that a band not only gives away their music for free, but also openly asks their fans to distribute it; however, such is the case with the band The Bastard Fairies. We recently had the opportunity to interview Yellow Thunder Woman, the vocalist and lyricist of the band (yes, that’s her real name). Along with her musical talents, Yellow Thunder Woman also helped produce and direct the award winning documentary The Canary Effect, which won the Stanley Kubrick award at the Traverse City film festival for Bold and Innovative Film Making.


While the expletives were definitely flying throughout this interview, we hope you appreciate her honest and straightforward answers. After you’ve finished reading the interview, feel free to visit The Bastard Fairies website at TheBastardFairies.com where you can download their album Memento Mori absolutely FREE. Enjoy!


Q: Your album Memento Mori, is available for free on your website, BastardFairies.com. What lead you to such a bold move as sharing your music without charge?

YTW: The music industry is in such a sucky fucked up state that a record deal does nothing to guarantee that your music will be available to the people that want to get it. The album was not made for the want of fame or money, so many bands love to say it’s all about the music but you can tell by their carefully coiffured multifaceted hairstyles that bands are just desperate for fame. If they spent more time actually worrying about their music and less time and money on their hair, they might figure out that doing something different is what creates the future, whereas merely copying the past keeps you in bygone eras. By giving our music away for free, and openly asking for it to be shared means that it is on its own merit and the word of the people that gets it out there. If the music was crap it wouldn't matter if it was free, people just wouldn't want it. But the genius of the Bastard Fairies is that our music is fucking awesome and free. We're not making history we're making the future.

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island (let's first hope you have adequate food, water and shelter) and had the ability to listen to just 5 albums, what would you pick?

YTW: The Bastard Fairies - Memento Mori (of course).
Then I would make my own best of compliations of the following artists
Tom Waits
Nick Cave
Charles Bukowski
And a copy of Ashlee Simpson’s album just to remind me that if this is acceptable listening to civilization then I am probably better off being stranded on my own little island away from all that crap.

Q: In your song "The Boy Next Door," you sing:

"Cause I've slept around
When you thought I was yours
All that time I was with
I was with the boy next door"

Do you feel that it is misogynistic attitudes that allow men to be praised for sexual conquests while women are still held to such constricting levels of "decency"?

YTW: First off let me tell you that song is based on a true story of my own sexual conquests....anyway

I think women are the ones who constrict themselves in that way. The world would be a far better place if women just relaxed and loved men for the fact that most of the time they just want to fuck. The mind is filled with so many natural drugs like testosterone and endorphins that should be embraced and understood. I hate it when women get upset because men aren't just like them, I say hey bitch you don’t like it why not become a fucking lesbian. I like men just the way they are.

Q: What is your stance on "Explicit Content," warning labels? Do you feel it is a form of censorship?

YTW: No, I think it actually makes people want it more. If you have a 14 year old kid faced with a clean version and an explicit one they are gonna choose the explicit one every time.
If someone is gonna be offended by something as insignificant as words they can fuck off and buy some John Mayer bullshit that they can listen to with their parents, I don’t want them buying it when someone who actually matters to the world’s evolution could be buying it instead. I fucking hate Dido. I don’t know why I said that, it just seemed fitting, but I am a little drunk so fuck it.

Q: What do you think is the most underrated element in making good music?

YTW: Not trying to be like someone else. I sat down and I wanted to make my favorite album and I did. Most bands sit down and want to make an album that pleases record execs or the marketing department or fucking some dipshit DJ. Well you might as well just give them a copy of your favorite Linkin Park album if you’re gonna do that, they are more likely to play it and be more thankful for receiving it than your latest effort. Musicians take themselves way too seriously, when your art becomes your job and you find yourself risking everything for your career that isn’t even set in stone yet, then it’s gonna make for some pretty desperate music.

There is nothing more I hate than that fucking angsty music about how some whore broke your heart or how the world has been extra harsh to you. I fucking hate that skater boy music, Average Latrine can kiss my ass. Suburban neophytes trying to claim they had a hard life because why? Mummy and daddy had too much money, or your education was too good for your retarded brain, or your healthcare policy meant that you only got a private room with a TV for 2/3rds of your hospital stay when big brother accidentally broke your stupid leg with his motorized scooter. Fuck, no wonder these dumbasses are so desperately trying to sound like someone else, because if they sounded like themselves it would just be one continuous whine.

Q: If you had a chance to play one song that really sums up your group's sound, which would it be?

YTW: It would be the one that we write next because we are always evolving. The trouble with the human race is that its seems so literally hell-bent on shunning evolution for ridiculously righteous ancient myths that people actually stop doing what created us in the first place. In fact, it seems that if you look at music itself it is completely devolving, the same with televisional entertainment, it’s gross. Each channel has their own version of some fucking English nanny mincing up the screen at the same time on different stations. C'mon people, throw your TV out the window and pay more attention to your own kids, then you wouldn’t need to make yourself dumb by watching this drivel. Oh shit, I just realized I didn’t use any cuss words in this rant, well here’s some for you, fucky fuck face cunt balls shit dick. Just making things interesting.

Q: Kierkegaard once stated "Life must be understood backward. But it must be lived forward." What life lessons have you taken from your musical career thus far?

YTW: I absolutely hate most musicians; they just make me boring when I hang around them.

When a record company says “We see you as an act we want to develop over 3 or so albums,” they actually mean we are gonna fuck you up the ass repeatedly until you do what we want then drop you before the first single anyway.

And if you break a light bulb and it is stuck in the socket with bits of glass still sticking up use a potato to get it out.

And don’t trust whitey.

Oh and try not to get trapped in cabinets.

Q: Your band's diverse talents also include directing. "The Canary Effect," the winner of "The Stanley Kubrick Award for Bold and Imaginative Film Making". Why do you think this movie impacted viewers on such a powerful level?

YTW: Because it’s honest, the best way to win an argument is by speaking the truth. The Canary Effect makes people recognize the elephant in the room and isn’t some ridiculous mystical bullshit that most directors try to regurgitate as useful information when they make documentaries about Indigenous people. Reality has to be addressed first when those suffering are involved, speculation on spirituality can come when people have enough time and money to waste on buying stones or whatever bullshit hippies want to believe nowadays.

Q: Where do you see the Bastard Fairies headed in 2007?

YTW: To hell, to heaven, to prison, to the madhouse, to any kind of imaginary correctional facility, or maybe just Delaware. I'm just playing this shit by ear man.

Q: What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a wombat?

YTW: A burrowing plant-eating Australian marsupial that resembles a small bear with legs. I am a huge David Attenborough fan so I am well versed on this shit.

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