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An Example Partisan Debate Print
Written by Rob Roete   
Sep 07, 2012 at 12:36 PM


Republican: The jobs numbers suck. Obama has failed us. We still have over 8% unemployment.

Democrat: Yes, but we've had 30 straight months of job growth. We were losing jobs under that idiot Bush. Didn't you hear Obama say that he's added 4.5 million jobs?

Republican: The job growth has been minimal and doesn't even keep up with population growth. If you account for population growth over the last 30 months we would need to add 4.5 million jobs just to keep up, not even counting the months in 2009 and early 2010 where we were still losing jobs.

Democrat: Yeah, but that's Bush's fault. He's the one that put us in this mess. His failure and tax cuts for the rich caused the situation. Obama is doing the best he can, especially since the Republicans aren't helping him.

Republican: Didn't that dummy Obama have both sides of Congress after the 2008 election? Using your logic, if Obama is to be praised for the job growth since 2010, shouldn't the Republican congress get credit for the gains since 2011 since they were elected to office in 2010?

Democrat: No, the gains in 2011 were only because the Democrats had control after the 2008 election. The gains would be better since 2011 if the Republicans weren't blocking everything.

Republican: But regarding the claim that it's Bush's fault, wasn't the recession mostly caused by the housing bubble burst?

Democrat: Yes, because Bush wanted Wall Street to make money while the poor people got screwed.

Republican: Actually, Clinton was in office when he pushed through the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act that separated commercial and investment banking.

Democrat: Don't try to blame Clinton. He left a budget surplus which Bush blew on tax cuts for the wealthy and on wars that we should have not been involved in. The rich should be paying their fair share and not making the middle class suffer.

Republican: According to the IRS, people that made at least $1 million in 2009 paid an average tax rate of 25 percent, while those making $75,000 to $100,000 paid only 8 percent. It doesn't seem that the wealthy are getting a better deal.

Democrat: They should still pay more. They can afford it.

Republican: But 45 percent of taxpayers paid no income tax in 2010 and 84% of those who didn't pay taxes earned less than $100,000.

Democrat: Because they're poor. Duh. If the rich would stop hoarding money and pay their fair share, then everyone could succeed.

Republican: Okay, debate over. Romney/Ryan in 2012!

Democrat: Four more years! Obama/Biden in 2012!

Note: Information from Reuters was used in this "debate."

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