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7 Hottest Women in the World #1 Print
Written by Steve Angell   
Feb 25, 2007 at 01:20 PM


The women that make this list don't necessarily have to be famous, but it helps. Below are our picks for this week's Hottest Women In The World (in no particular order).

1) Natalie Portman - She's been involved with big name movies such as Star Wars Episodes 1-3 and V For Vendetta, but her other films are just as enjoyable (although V For Vendetta is a GREAT movie). Watch Garden State, Where The Heart Is, and Closer for an example of her acting range. Also, make sure to watch the hilarious Saturday Night Live skit she did entitled Natalie Raps (a simple Google search should net the video for you). Lastly, did I mention that she graduated from Harvard in 2003? Smart and talented, even Paris Hilton would say that's hot (if Paris knew what smart was).

2) Sandra Bullock - Her acting credentials are exquisite, but she also makes this list because she appears (although perception isn't always accurate) to be very down to earth. Hell, she's married to the guy behind Monster Garage, Jesse James. How cool is that? Watch her performance in Two Weeks Notice, an underappreciated movie with a lot of charm.

3) April Macie - Her performance on Last Comic Standing put her into the spotlight, and there's nothing hotter than a beautiful woman who also happens to be very funny.

4) Eva Mendes - If you're not familiar with her name, you should be. She's been involved with numerous box office hits including Hitch and Ghost Rider.

5) Meg Ryan - This one really doesn't need any explanation, and yes she primarily made this list for her back catalog of work and our memories of her from the 90's. Also, did you know that she was in a couple episodes of Charles in Charge? Either we really know our stuff here at Wicked Info, or we just like to search IMDB.com all day.

6) Diane Kruger - Her notable performances include playing the role of Helen in the film Troy and acting alongside Nicolas Cage in National Treasure (which has a sequel on the way).

7) Shannyn Sossamon - Her extensive acting resume includes A Knight's Tale and the critically acclaimed film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I happen to really like A Knight's Tale so putting her on this list was a given.

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