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7 Reasons Why Obama Won Re-Election Print
Written by Rob Roete   
Nov 12, 2012 at 09:55 PM


1) Americans love entertainment, and what could be more entertaining than 4 more years of Biden as the Vice President?

2) President Obama won't cancel funding to PBS which means that kids could still watch Sesame Street instead of Jersey Shore.

3) Mitt Romney failed to offer an alternative to the Obama Phone. As seen in this video clip, the Obama Phone garnered heavy support in Ohio.

4) While more than 50% of American that were polled said the economy was the number one issue and that Mitt Romney would handle the economy better, they ultimately voted based upon who had a prettier jump shot.

5) While President Obama didn't save the jobs he had promised in his first term, he did save Detroit (the car manufacturing, not the actual city which is as bad as ever), and Americans like that, even though they don't necessarily like driving American cars.

6) Many voters thought they were voting for Pat Buchanan

7) Because of voter confusion, voters thought Romney's work with Bain Capital meant he was bankrolling Bane, the criminal that broke Batman's back in The Dark Knight Rises.

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