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7 Signs Your Diabetes is Out of Control Print
Written by Rob Roete   
Jan 10, 2013 at 11:51 AM

Wicked 7

1) Your doctor recommends you throw away your blood glucose monitor and instead purchase a glucose blood monitor.

2) Instead of putting sugar in your coffee you prick your finger and pour some glucose in "from the tap."

3) When your wife kisses you and says you're sweet, she means it literally.

4) Instead of urinating twenty to thirty times a day you started wearing adult diapers so you only have to change them five or six times a day.

5) You have one foot in the grave... literally. You lost a foot to diabetes and had it buried in your burial plot.

6) You've had to up your dosage of insulin so much that you're now taking three shots at a time instead of one.

7) You have to drink five gallons of water each day in order to quench your thirst.

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